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A Journery Into The Healing Zone


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Emotional Freedom Technique

  • The Sore Spot - On your chest where you would pin a medal or a brooch. Gently push with your fingertips to find an area that feels tender, rather than sore.
  • Start Of The Eyebrow - Where the bone behind your eyebrow turns into the bridge of your nose.
  • Corner Of The Eye - On the bone in the corner of your eye.
  • Under The Eye - On the bone just below your eye, in line with your pupil if you look straight ahead.
  • Under The Nose - Between you nose and your upper lip.
  • Under The Mouth - In the indentation between your chin and your lower lip
  • Collarbone - In the angle formed by your collarbone and the breastbone.
  • Under Arm
  • a. Thumb - all finger points are on the side of the finger, in line with the nail bed.
  • b. Index Finger, c. Middle Finger, d. Little Finger e. Karate Chop Point - on the side of your hand, roughly in line with your life line.
  • Gamut Point - just behind and between the knuckles of your ring and little finger.

Emotional Freedom Technique  (EFT) “A universal Healing Aid” is the psychological acupuncture technique designed by Gary Craig. It is used to  stimulate well established energy meridian points on our body by tapping. It is most highly recommended to optimize the emotional health offering  dramatic relief for Trauma & Abuse, Panic & Anxiety, Fears & Phobias, DepressionAddictive Cravings, Allergies and hundreds of physical symptoms including pain relief, headaches, body pains and breathing difficulties.  It is the missing piece to the healing puzzle.

The first step toward success is taken when

you refuse to be a captive of the environment

in which you first find yourself".

Mark Caine

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