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A Journery Into The Healing Zone


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The Essence of Life

Aromatherapy can be defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit.  It is an art and science which seeks to explore the physiological, psychological and spiritual realm of the individual's response to aromatic extracts as well as to observe and enhance the individual's innate healing process.  As a holistic medicine, Aromatherapy is both a preventative approach as well as an active treatment during acute and chronic stages of illness or 'dis'-ease.

It is a natural, non-invasive treatment system designed to affect the whole person not just the symptom or disease and to assist the body's natural ability to balance, regulate, heal and maintain itself by the correct use of essential oils.

"Aromatherapy is essentially an interaction between the therapist, client and essential oils, working together to bring forth the healing energy which will help the client regain their sense of well being and vitality."

"It's not hard to make decisions

when you know what your values are".

 Roy Disney

The Course includes :

What is Aromatherapy , a brief history, what are essential oils, how do essential oils work

What are the effects of oils, Essential oils affect on the body and mind

Olfaction, memory emotion, & mood, How are essential oils used, Massage Recipes

Skin care, Chakras and Aromatherapy, Chosing and storing oils, Mixing oils,

Essential oil properties, Zodiac oils, Quick reference

For fun, as well as information on starting your own aromatherapy business and MORE.

There will be an exam and case studies to do.

The cost is $100.00 (USD).